Vital Statistics
Real Name Rafael Krane
Species Human

Wrath was a cybernetically-enhanced supervillain, and a member of the Marauders. He relied mainly on his sword to deliver flurries and slashes at extreme speeds that even the greatest swordsmen could not match.

Physical appearance Edit

Wrath was a young man with very spiked black hair and tan skin. He wore black pants and a white jacket, with a brown belt. His cybernetic implants can be seen on his arms and legs.

History Edit

Star City
July 4, 09:01 PDT

While Speedy and Green Arrow responded to Icicle Jr.'s attack on a suspension bridge in Star City, Wrath and the Marauders robbed a bank. They were pursued by Dark Archer, Angel, and unknowingly Key. While the Marauders lost Dark in a maze of abandoned apartments, Key followed them, and managed to cut them off. While the rest of them escaped, Wrath was left to battle him, and was slain.

Equipment Edit

Wrath was armed with a sword, and displayed great skill with it against Key, until his demise.