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Species Mutated Human

Tundra (real name Carol Radcliffe) is a super villain.

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Tundra is very timid, and shy. She doesn't socialize which others, and thus have been relying on the SwordsMan for protection. She often hides, and runs, because she is afraid. She is very soft-spoken, and gentle. This attitude is shown at all times. Though despite her fears, she believes that the young heroes are after her, and is willing to attack them when necessary.

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Tundra is a young woman with short blue hair and orange eyes.


She wears a white and brown cloak with a black skirt and leggings. She wears short black boots and a white hat on her head.

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  • Cryokinesis: Tundra is cryokinetic, granting her the ability to create and project freezing blasts from her hands, encasing whatever they hit in ice.

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