Robin model
Vital Statistics
Real Name Dick Grayson
Alias Rob, Boy Wonder
Species human
Production Details
First appearance: Young Justice: Heroes of the Future

Robin (Dick Grayson) is a 13 year old male who was trained by the vigilante known as Batman when he was 9 years old and became a young superhero.


Physical appearanceEdit

Robin is noticeably smaller than the rest of his teammates at Mount Justice. Even for his age, Robin has been shorter than average. This, however, gives him an advantage pertaining to his aerodynamic feats.


Before Grayson was taken under the wing of Gotham's hero Batman; he was part of the circus, he, his biological parents, aunt, and cousin were all acrobatics and they were famously known as "The Flying Graysons". One dreadful, scarring performance had the Gotham's future hero in tears, his family died in an acrobatic incident due to a gang member demanding the ring master (the boss of the circus) for his "payment". The only survivors where Grayson and his uncle, who was paralyzed and unable to take care of him. To bring hope to the teary eyed boy, Bruce Wayne was in the crowd witnessing the 'accident', Bruce knew how scarring and memorable this would be to a little boy, with an open heart Billionarie Bruce Wayne adopted little boy Grayson. Years later we know him as Gotham's Boy Wonder, Robin. There was a minor reference to Dick's past in the episode Performance.


Powers and abilitiesEdit