Vital Statistics
Real Name Shane Norman
Alias Nightmare
Species Human
Production Details
Voiced by JAYZICE
I really am your worst Nightmare



In the daytime, Nightmare is shy, quiet, and very polite. He is handsome and the absolute gentleman. But he is one of those kids that no one really pays attention to and no one ever notices when he's around.

At nighttime, Shane personality changes from sweet and shy, to an insane revenge-filled boy. When his personality changes, the only thing that will make him happy is killing. As the illegitimate son of Dr. Destiny (John Dee), Nightmare inherited his father's abilities of ESP and reality-warping.

Shane likes to be left alone. The only person that he loves and has a good relationship with is his mom, Rachel Norman.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nightmare has pitch black eyes and black hair. He is tall and thin.


ESP- Shane has the ability to know a lot of about a person without even having to talk to them. He can know your greatest fears, weaknesses, and strengths. In the dreamworld, he uses htis ability to figure out what your next move will be

Reality-warping- Shane has the ability to go into your dreams and plant ideas into your head. He can cause you to think that your nightmares are real and trap you in your dream, causing you to go insane.

Omnipresence- As Nightmare, he has the ability to be everywhere at once. This makes it easier for him to be in several people's dreams at a time.

Inception- When he can't trap you in the dreamworld, Nightmare will plant an idea in your head that will stay in your head until you accomplish it.


Shane is only strong in the dreamworld. Out of it, he can be easily defeated.



As Nightmare, Shane hates the hero, Arctica. He finds thinks that she wrongly accuses and arrests people who are "just trying to make a living." He hates all that she stands for and loves to torture her in her dreams. He know every single thing that will break her heart.

Jayla Edit

As Shane, Nightmare likes Jayla a lot as she is the only one that actually notices him. Shane goes to her apartment when his mom isn't home and just hangs out with Jayla. He has developed a sort of crush on Jayla. When he is Nightmare, he could care less about her.



Shane loves the girl Adara only because she looks so much like Jayla. He thinks that he uses her, but really she is the one using him. Nightmare finds himself drawn to the villainess, Luxa. He loves her cruel heart although he knows that she can be vicious.



101. In Your Dreams