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To fool your enemy, you fool your ally first.


Vital Statistics
Real Name Zel
Alias Nemesis, The Witch
Species Demon (formerly human)

Nemesis is sorceress who fights for justice, and peace in the human realm called earth. She is a former member of the Elite Squadron.


Nemesis is a very sociable, yet highly stubborn person, who "always gets what she wants". She won't allow anyone to resist her influence, and is willing to push their buttons, until they submit. She is bipolar and intolerable if she is upset; and on top of all that, she is completely insane.

If she is wronged in any way, she will not rest until she has her revenge, and she never gives up easily. Aside from that, she is incredibly sensual, flirtatious and seductive, as well as a master manipulator of many men; including Firestormblaze. Nemesis has a twisted sense of justice. She is willing to commit crimes, and do evil for the sake of "the greater good". According to Firestormblaze, she never plays fair.

Physical appearance Edit

Nemesis has long brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a black dress with white furs and a red bow. The dress also has several belts wrapped around her waist and hands with a space in the middle, revealing her skin. She wears long black boots.

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Powers Edit

Being a Psychic, Nemesis has a variety of special psychic abilities, aside from her magical powers. She can foretell some future events. She can also learn a person's history.

  • Psychic Aura: Nemesis can attack enemies with a psychic aura around her body to do heavier damage to enemies. She can use this same aura for defensive, as well as offensive purposes.
  • Teleport:
  • Psychic Healing:

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  • Physical
    • Superhuman Strength:
    • Superhuman Durability:
  • Hand to hand combat:
  • Mental:

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"Cya around, cutie!"
―Nemesis to Firestormblaze

Firestormblaze knew Zel, before she became the demon witch, Nemesis. They had a love/hate relationship (which is common for him with girls). Nowadays, he often tries to flirt with her, whenever he sees her. Though due to her bipolarity, most times when she sees him, she seemingly hates him. But afterwards she flirts with him, which leaves him confused. He calls her crazy, for trying to take the world, and mold it into the twisted "justice" she wants for it. She usually would respond to this with a laugh, a retort, or a kiss.

Upon finding out that he has feelings for Viper, Nemesis feels like a fool, and vows for revenge. After explaining how confused and unsure he is, the two kiss, but then promise each other to never do it again.


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