What're you doing, you pervert?!

Natalie to Firestormblaze

Vital Statistics
Real Name Natalia "Natalie" Fujikawa
Alias Nat
Species Human

Natalie (real name Natalia "Natalie" Fujikawa) is an agent for the organization known as N.P.D. (New Planetary Defenses), and the sister of Viper.

Personality Edit

Natalie is a calm and quiet individual who usually keeps to herself, during business. But that all changes when she works with her sister and her friends. Natalie is very loud, and acts kind of like a loose cannon. Even to a point when Blaze doesn't like it sometimes. She is headstrong and independent, and doesn't like to waste time at all. Her personality is incredibly similar to Firestormblaze, in some points. Only few fail to notice this, but they both disagree, naturally. Natalie can be extremely blunt, and will talk about whatever she sees, exactly when she sees it. She can also be a little perverted at times. This was proven when she was driving her truck while Blaze was getting changed in the back seat, when she asked: "Boxers or briefs".

Physical appearance Edit

Like her sister, Natalia has long black hair and grey eyes. She is described as a beautiful woman, who looks older at least three years above her current age.


Natalie wears a black short sleeve top, that covers the upper torso, exposing her shoulders and midriff. She wears black jeans, with black boots, and shades with brown lenses.

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Powers Edit

Natalia, like her sister, is a normal human with no super human abilities.

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  • Physical
  • Expert marksman:
  • Hand to hand combat:
  • Stealth:
  • Mental:
    • Multilingual:
    • Vehicle driver:

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