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Either you're moving, or I'm gonna move through you.


Vital Statistics
Real Name Luna Denton
Species Human

Luna is an ally of both SaberX, and Firestormblaze. She acts as Saber's field partner along with Kat.


Luna is usually a clear-headed yet head-strong individual; one who is always the voice of reason, and a mature figure. This can change when she's irritated, or unfocused. She can become angry, or violent even. Threatening whoever crosses her with force. This can usually be solved with time; and only time. There is only so much pressure a thirteen year old girl can take, and Luna is willing to show just how much. Just be prepared to watch her explode once she does.

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  • Expert marksman: Luna is a talented marksman with both firearms and thrown weapons.
  • Hand to hand combat: Luna is a martial arts expert, capable of single-handedly taking down large groups of armed or unarmed opponents.
  • Stealth:
  • Mental:

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Kathrine and Luna don't always get along. They fight about the most trivial of matters. Though they both are on the same team, they don't function as well. The two blame one another if something doesn't go right, and are both first to try and pair with Saber. Which ironically ends up with the two being paired together. Though despite all their fights, they have each others back when it really counts.


Little interaction is shown between Blaze and Luna, but it has been shown that he appreciates her being there for Saber. Showing that he highly values their friendship.




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