Green Lantern
Kyle Rayner model
Vital Statistics
Real Name Kyle Rayner
Alias GL, Green
Species Human
Production Details
First appearance: Young Justice: Heroes of the Future
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) is a 15 year old graphic artist who received a Green Power Ring from Ganthet himself, and serves under his superiors, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and even Guy Gardner.


Kyle Rayner is one of the youngest, and additionally most creative members of the Green Lantern Corps. His imagination and skill as a graphic artist goes hand in hand with the power of the ring, creating an infinite number of amazing constructs. However, to match his Willpower and Imagination, he has trouble concentrating on certain things. Creating Hard-Light Constructs is one of them.

As a teen, Kyle isn't afraid to mess around a bit, and get into trouble. Despite that nature, he still respects his superiors, especially his fellow Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan more than the rest for his status as the Earth's original Green Lantern.


Kyle boasts black hair and brown eyes on caucasian skin. His build is an athletic one, with a considerable height about him.

Kyle wears Green Lantern Corps uniforms he custom made himself, feeling he couldn't wear the uniform of another (Hal Jordan).



Powers and abilitiesEdit

The power of the Green Lantern Power Ring is limited only by Willpower and Imagination: Things which Kyle Rayner overflow with.

Kyle has also been trained to a degree in hand to hand combat. In the field of artwork, Kyle is capable of various forms, sculpture, drawing, you name it, Kyle makes it.