Vital Statistics
Real Name Solomon Krane
Species Human
Production Details
First appearance: Young Justice: Just Us

Kane is a cybernetically-enhanced supervillain, and leader of the Marauders.

Physical appearance Edit

Kane is a 21 year old man. He has black hair, hazel eyes, and is muscular in appearance. He wears a black cape-like coat. It is buttoned by straps on its chest however towards the waist it is unbuttoned. His bare chest is exposed underneath the jacket revealing that he wears no shirt. He wears a grey belt-buckle. Kane also wears black boots with straps and buckles on them as well. He wears a red bandanna on his head, and has a robotic arm in the same shade of black as the rest of his outfit.

Personality Edit

Kane is sadistic, cruel, and can kill with a smile. Showing no sympathies towards his enemies and kills without mercy, he has trained as a mercenary, before becoming a thief. He shows great excitement in great riches, but where there is no treasure he holds no foul judgement against those who have things of no value to him, and will more than gladly leave them be; unless he has a score to settle. Kane is known to hold grudges, and is very big on revenge. He believes in "an eye for an eye", unless the eye someone is after is his. He seems to care for his brothers, and enjoys stealing for what he claims to be the 'greater good'.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Present Edit

Abilities Edit

Hand-to-hand combat expert: Kane is an expert at hand-to-hand combat. He uses his robotic enhancements to match blows with the toughest of opponents.

Genius-level intellect: Kane has a keen strategic mind and is able to concoct various intricate schemes to use in his thefts.

Equipment Edit

Sword: Like all of the Marauders, Kane carries a sword. Unlike the rest, his sword is larger in size.

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