Jason May
Vital Statistics
Real Name Jason May
Alias Mage May
Species Human
Designation B-23

Jason May is the newest member of the Team, designated B-23


Jason is a funny kid who everyone wants to be around. He is also very smart, smart enought to skip three grades to attend Gotham Academy. Even in the gravest danger, he can joke freely about it and not worry. He is the newest member of the Team, designated B-23. Even with his comical attitude, he knows when to be serious. Also, even though he's just a kid, he can kick some serious bad guy butt.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jason is a ten year old caucasian male, who's fairly tall for his age. He has a slight, lean, muscular build, and is a skilled gymnast and martial artist. He has sky blue eyes, and has messy black hair. For civilian clothing, he wears a gray jacket, blue jeans, and a black shirt. When dressed as Mage May, he wears a white shirt, black bow tie, a yellow vest, black pants, and black boots. Jason also attends Gotham Academy, and wears a navy blue blazer, white polo shirt, red tie, and black pants.


Early LifeEdit

Jason grew up in a somewhat wealthy family. This changed when he discovered his pyrokinetic and telekinetic abilities.His parents called him a freak, and sent him to a boarding school in Gotham City. Then, he gained a full scholarship from the Wayne Foundation due to his amazing intellect. He transferred to Gotham Academy at the age of ten!