Oh c'mon, that guy, really?! I burn way hotter than he does!


Vital Statistics
Real Name Gai
Alias Gai, The White Pyromancer
Species Mutated Human

Gai, also known as Gai, The White Pyromancer is a super villain and the arch-rival of Firestormblaze.


Gai is in one word: perfect. He is just like Firestormblaze, accept he does no have any of his flaws, or (less obvious) weaknesses. Or at least he doesn't make them present. Being the pyromancer that he is, he isn't bothered by any other person's fire abilities. Until he meets Blaze. He then becomes outmatched, and offended.

When he learned that Nemesis was only dating him to make Blaze jealous he lost control, and now vows revenge against him.

Physical appearance Edit

He is a young man with short white hair covering parts of his face and blue eyes. Being older, he is taller than Firestormblaze. He has a scar under his right eye. His scar appears to light up, along with his eyes, when he uses his powers.


Gai wears a black long-sleeve undershirt, with a white choker, a white jacket, and matching pants and finger-less gloves. He wears black shoes as well.

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Powers Edit

Pyrokinesis: Gai can control fire similar to the way Firestormblaze does.

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Weaknesses Edit

A decline in oxygen surrounding him can kill him, as well as subdue him. His powers cannot work in space, or any place without air.

He is also shown to be arrogant around other pyrokinetics, believing that he is a better pyro than anyone else. When he is proven wrong by Firestormblaze he is psychologically damaged, and vengeful.

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"Come out come out where ever you are so I can kill you!"
"Nah, I'm good with hiding.
―Gai and Firestormblaze

Gai and Firestormblaze have a rough relationship, ever since Gai found out that Nemesis was only dating him to make Blaze jealous. He tries to kill him whenever he sees him, and hates when someone speaks his name around him.




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