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Claire Storm
Vital Statistics
Real Name Claire Amber Storm
Species Human

Dawn (real name Claire Storm) was a member of the Elite Squadron. She is the cousin of Firestormblaze. She was in a committed relationship with Kent Nelson's unnamed grandson, but their relationship was considered to be over when she supposedly "died".

Personality Edit

For years Claire has been known to act similar to Zel, in many ways. She is manipulative, often sending secret messages to Firestormblaze about Nemesis' future plans. When they may, or may not even be true.

She is almost easily distressed with Blaze's antics, when he decides to experiment in her personal life, or when his experiments effect her. Which most of them do, as she is in league with the witch, Nemesis.

Claire has a habit of being able to tell if he is really interested in a girl or otherwise, seeing as she was able to catch that he had feelings for Viper. She often questions him for his logic in subjects, as his riddles make very little sense to her. She seems very excited upon finding out how much he and Nemesis are alike.

Physical appearance Edit

Dawn is teenage girl of average height. She has tan skin with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. She has a slender figure. Her uniform consists of a black midriff bearing costume that highlights her stomach. Black and white stripped leggings, and black boots. She often keeps her hair tied back in two pig tails, with purple bows. For civilian clothing, she various colored tops, ranging from pink to black. She wears skirts, and jeans also in various colors; usually in blue or black.

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Dawn is a normal teenage human girl, and possesses no superhuman abilities.

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Firestormblaze Edit

"Dawn: You're weak! You're a weak, weak, weak, weak man!
Firestormblaze: I'm not weak, I'm strategic.
―Dawn and Firestormblaze

As Claire, she and Blake are cousins. They laugh at each others mistakes, but almost always have each other's backs when it counts. But as Dawn, she is very manipulative of Firestormblaze. Always telling him something, or giving him a little push, to keep him from knowing most of Nemesis' true intentions. She thinks of him as a weak minded person, because he can be seduced into doing things he would normally never do.

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