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Vital Statistics
Real Name Leona King
Species Mutated human
Production Details
First appearance: Young Justice: Just Us

Angel is a young hero from Star City. She is the current partner of Dark, as well as his current girlfriend.


Angel is a appears to be a loyal, respectful, and caring individual. She is highly devoted to Dark, and is shown to be happy with him. She doesn't like to see him in distress or discomfort. She doesn't like being away from him, and is very uncomfortable around those she doesn't know very much about.

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Star City
July 4, 09:01 PDT

While Speedy and Green Arrow responded to Icicle Jr.'s attack on a suspension bridge in Star City, the Marauders robbed a bank. Dark and Angel pursued them, though unknown to them, so did Key. Dark and Angel chased the Marauders through a maze of abandoned apartments, but soon found themselves lost.

The duo soon found there way to an apartment, where the marauder Wrath lies dead, and Key fleeing the scene.

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Powers Edit

  • Flight: Angel has the ability to fly.
  • Light/Energy Manipulation: Angel can create as well as manipulate light and energy in anyway for any purpose.

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Weaknesses Edit

Angel is afraid of being concealed in dark places without Dark there to comfort her. This is because she was locked in a dark room for most of her life in a Cadmus facility, where she was experimented on because of her powers. She can easily be beaten, when shrouded in darkness, because of the memories she has of Cadmus.

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Dark ArcherEdit

Angel cares deeply for Dark, as he does the same for her. She feels she owes him much, for helping her escape from her dark place at Cadmus. Though she still some-what fears the dark, she isn't scared of him. She is willing to protect him from anything, and holds great hatred for anyone who would dare try to harm him.



Angel finds Firestormblaze to be very annoying, because of his antics and perverted comments about her choice of clothing. Though she doesn't mind as much, as long as he doesn't try to harm Dark anymore than he already has. She envies the 'bond' he has with Dark, even if it is somewhat negative.



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